Tooth-colored Restorations (Composites)

With today’s innovative dental materials, we are able to offer our patients dental restorations that are more aesthetic as they are durable. Composite materials and ceramics help us restore teeth to make them look as close as possible to your natural teeth.

Our practice is a mercury free practice, A dental  filling can be done in one visit at our clinic. One of the main advantages of using composite material is that we don’t need to remove as much tooth structure as we used to do when using silver fillings. 


amalgams fillings are very durable they have been used for the last 125 years  the problem with them is they contract and expand over the years which can cause fractures on teeth something making the teeth not restorable by the dentist , and also they are not pleas


A composite filling will take a little bit longer to be completed but the results are well worth the wait, they are are strong durable  and esthetically pleasing 



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