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If your natural teeth have started to degenerate and you are thinking about dentures to restore your lost teeth, or you have a denture currently but need it replaced, give us a call today to discuss a complete denture for you.

Your Full Denture options Explained

Are Dentures Right For Me?

If you suffer from an injury or extensive tooth decay that has left you missing some or many of your natural teeth, don’t postpone seeking professional treatment for your tooth loss. Dentures in Hollywood, FL, are affordable and come in multiple formats to suit your budget and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about dentures and how they may be an option for you.

What Are Full Dentures?

Dentures come in a few varieties, including full dentures and partial dentures. Complete or often referred to as full dentures are dental appliances designed to resemble natural teeth and fit your jawline.

Traditional dentures are a popular, practical, and cheaper solution for adults and seniors who aren’t interested in or are not a good fit for dental implants to replace their teeth.

Dentures are durable and can last several years but require adjustments, repairs, or replacements every 5-7 years. Brilliant Smiles Of Hollywood offers both partial and complete dentures, and Dr. Giraldo will help you choose what is most appropriate for your individual needs.

Why Should I Consider Full Dentures?

Full dentures allow patients with many missing teeth to regain control of their dental health and self-confidence so you can stop hiding your smile. By not replacing your teeth with dentures or implants, you risk overall associated health complications, including cardiovascular conditions, lung disease, throat infections, and even trouble sustaining healthy blood glucose. Contact our office today to talk with Dr. Giraldo about denture’s benefits to improve your mouth’s health.

Different Types of Full Dentures

Full dentures come in various forms. The most common and most affordable full denture option is affixing with denture adhesive, which is the option most likely to move or shift when eating, drinking, laughing, and smiling. Fixed with adhesive dentures can be easily removed and cleaned daily, and some patients enjoy the option to remove the dentures as this makes cleaning them easy.

If you’d like more stability with your dentures but want to have the option to remove the full denture whenever you like, you should consider an implant-supported full bridge. This snap-on denture option allows for easy removal and cleaning when needed but still provides the slip resistance and grip required for increased confidence when eating.

If you are looking for a total tooth replacement option, Dr. Giraldo can also fit you for a full arch zirconia bridge dental implant that permanently implants into the jaw for a complete tooth replacement solution that looks and acts like your natural teeth and will last a lifetime.

Are You Looking For A Dentures Dentist?

We offer custom-made complete dentures for patients of all ages. You don’t have to avoid eating the foods you love or feel self-conscious about your smile. Schedule your appointment today by calling (954) 920-2751
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We know our patients have many options for teeth replacement and dentures in the Hollywood, FL area, which is why our team is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of dental care in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and healthy atmosphere. We are here to serve your denture needs every step of the way without judgment or shame you for having less than perfect teeth. Your visit will be a comfortable and positive experience, and we look forward to helping you avoid dental problems, enjoy an amazing natural smile, and the lifelong benefits of good oral health.

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